Amy Palamountain


Amy is a programmer. Skier. GitHubber. Morrissey lover…. word to your mother.


Building native applications with JavaScript and Atom Shell

Franziska Hinkelmann

TNG Technology Consulting

Franziska has a PhD in mathematics and works for TNG Technology Consulting GmbH. She contributes to several open source projects, regularly teaches Node.js courses at the International Summer University for Women in Informatics, and organizes the PHP User Group Munich.


A Trip to the Zoo: SpiderMonkey, SquirrelFish, Nashorn, and V8

Paul Lewis


Paul works on the Google Chrome team as a Developer Advocate. He spends his days profiling runtime performance issues, and helping developers to build faster sites and apps. Do not be fooled by his extreme baldness; it's a solar panel for his cunning and guile.


Performance on RAILs

Jake Archibald


Jake works in Google Chrome’s developer relations team, writing specifications such as ServiceWorker, and apps such as SVGOMG. He’s a big fan of time-to-render optimisations, and all of that responsive stuff.


Modern progressive enhancement

Kate Hudson


Kate is a web engineer at Mozilla. She’s passionate about making the web better with open source, and lately she’s been working on hybrid app development with Android and React.


Advanced front-end automation with npm scripts

Rebecca Murphey


Rebecca is a staff software engineer at Bazaarvoice, where she leads a team that oversees third-party JavaScript application development. She is a frequent speaker on the topic of code organization and best practices at various JavaScript conferences, including Front-End Ops Conf, the 2014 jQuery Conference in San Diego, JSConf US 2013, JSConf US 2011, JSConf EU 2010, Full Frontal 2012, Fronteers 2012, and many others. She lives in Austin, TX, with her partner, their son, and their dog. She blogs at rmurphey.com.


JavaScript All The Things

Soledad Penadés


Soledad works as devevangineer at Mozilla. Building real time audio + graphics experiments; breaking half the browsers in the process.


Hands on Web Audio

Alice Bartlett


Alice is a front-end developer on GOV.UK, the single point of access to the UK Government’s digital services.


Bin your <select> tags

Jakob Mattson


Jakob is a JavaScript guy and a small company-junkie. He has an obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to npm modules, with 65 published and counting. He believes code should do one thing and do it well. He believes people should do the opposite, which is why he is an entrepreneur, a developer, a manager, a wannabe guitarist, a rubics cube speed-solver, a snowboarder and a dog owner. His heaven is where he get to try a lot of things - and is right 51% of the time.


Forgotten Funky Functions

Tara Jane Feener


Tara works as a design focused web engineer at FiftyThree working primarily on Mix: FiftyThree’s creative collaboration platform for Paper. Previously found prototyping future web tools at Adobe in San Francisco. Passionate about ReactJS, coffee, even numbers, art, culture, fashion and pizza.


Creating Expressive UI with ReactJS

Felix Palmer


Coming from a physics background, Felix got into software by writing games in Flash. Since then he has spent time working in London and Silicon Valley, working with a wide range of technologies, from mobile to cloud, server to web. He enjoys combining the visual with the technical and is excited about the opportunities WebGL brings. He is the creator of www.piste.io. Currently he lives in Prague, spending his time building things with WebGL, speaking at conferences, and writing on www.pheelicks.com.


Through the looking glass - programming on the GPU using WebGL

Matthew Podwysocki


Matthew is a Principal Software Engineer and self described open sourcerer at Microsoft. He currently works on the Reactive Extensions for all languages in addition to the Thali Project focusing on the Internet of Things. He is a popular speaker at conferences in addition to being a conference organizer. When not focusing on streaming all the things, he spends his time focusing on STEM and teaching the next generation of software developers.


Async and Streaming Programming in JS - We're All Wrong

Bert Belder

Strongloop / Node.js core

Bert has been involved with node.js as a core contributor since the early days. During that period he ported node.js to windows, wrote the underlying platform library (libuv), served on the technical committee and was deeply involved with setting up the node.js foundation. Bert worked at a number of startups associated with node.js, and eventually co-founded StrongLoop which empowers enterprises to leverage the power of node.js.


There are no promises in node.js

Zeno Rocha


Zeno Rocha is a Developer Advocate at Liferay, Inc. He dedicates a lot of his time traveling to show how awesome HTML5 and Web Components are, contributing to hundreds of open source projects, and creating tools to help developers build great applications. Besides that, he's a member of the Google Developers Expert program and co-founder of BrazilJS Foundation. Prior to Liferay, Zeno worked as a software developer at Petrobras (the largest company in Latin America) and Globoesporte.com (the most accessed sports website in Brazil).


Augmented reality with JavaScript

Host: Daniel Beauchamp


Daniel is a Canadian who loves two things: JavaScript and Sweden. That must explain why he created FikaScript.

When he's not dreaming of the Swedish countryside, he's busy pushing the boundaries of e-commerce at Shopify as a developer and data analyst. He is the creator of Dashing, the open source dashboard framework; and also the co-founder of Open Data Ottawa.

Believing that coding is the closest thing to pure wizardry, he has been around the world on many quests to teach the magic of hacking for the web.

Host: Simone Giertz

Punch Through Design

Simone Giertz is a woman of many talents. Her mom can tell you more about it. She works as a Creative Technologist, focusing on open-source hardware and the Arduino community. Soldering things that shouldn't be soldered, writing code that barely works and building shitty robots are all very close to the veined chunk of meat called her heart.

Simone just moved back to her motherland Sweden from San Francisco, so if she looks drunk she’s most probably just jet lagged. Most probably.