Day 1

  • Registration + Coffee

    Södra Teatern
  • Opening

  • Bert Belder

    Keynote: There are no promises in node.js
  • Break

  • Tara Jane Feener

    Creating Expressive UI with ReactJS
  • Jakob Mattson

    Forgotten Funky Functions
  • Lunch

  • Alice Bartlett

    Bin your <select> tags
  • Zeno Rocha

    Augmented reality with JavaScript
  • Swedish FIKA!

  • Kate Hudson

    Advanced front-end automation with npm scripts
  • Felix Palmer

    Through the looking glass - programming on the GPU using WebGL
  • Lightning talks

  • Break

  • Mini-Sumo Robo Clash - Workshop

    Read more and sign up
  • Techno Ping Pong

Day 2

  • Coffee

  • Opening

  • Franziska Hinkelmann

    A Trip to the Zoo: SpiderMonkey, SquirrelFish, Nashorn, and V8
  • Break

  • Matthew Podwysocki

    Async and Streaming Programming in JS - We're All Wrong
  • Soledad Penadés

    Hands on Web Audio
  • Lunch

  • Paul Lewis

    Performance on RAILs
  • Amy Palamountain

    Building native applications with JavaScript and Atom Shell
  • Swedish FIKA!

  • Jake Archibald

    Modern progressive enhancement
  • Rebecca Murphey

    Deploying JS apps, 1,000 (or so) at a time
  • Lightning talks

  • Break

  • Dinner and party!